Best Cat Brushes (2020) Must-See Guide

Finding the right brush for your cat can be a hassle because every cat has its unique brushing needs. If you are a new cat owner, seek advice from a vet on how regular you should groom your pet. Grooming your cat regularly will save you a bundle. Cat hair all over your upholstery or on the floor carpets can be irritating and unsightly to your guest. Especially if you don’t have the right tools to clean like vacuum cleaners. Before you go shopping for the best cat brushes in the market, first determine the type of hair coat she has. There are five distinct types of coats for cats you should know.  Brushing a cat without following vet instructions can make your feline friend uncomfortable. To relieve your cat of stress while grooming, you need to get the best cat brush for their beautiful hair coat.

Long and semi-long hair coat

This type of cat hair coat ranges between 1.5 inches to 5 inches long. Cats with this type of hair coat shed more compared to the rest of the hair coats and deserve more grooming attention if you don’t the place getting messy. It is recommended to groom your long-haired pet every few days using the best brush types meant for long hair like pin and slicker brushes and a comb. And if shedding is prone to your furry friend, the de-shedding tool will do the trick. Typical long-haired breeds are; Angora, Persian, Turkish and Birman.

Short hair coat

These are cats with hair coat less than 1.5 inches long. They require less maintenance than long coat counterparts. Their grooming may be done once a week. The best brushes for grooming short hair coat cats are slicker and bristle brushes. Using pin brush or long tooth combs may scratch your pet’s skin which may cause injury or discomfort while grooming. Examples of short-haired coat cats include Exotic short hair, American short hair, British shorthair, Siamese and Abyssinian.

Abyssinian Short Hair Cat
Abyssinian Short Hair Cat

Curly & wavy hair coat

Cats with curly and wavy hair coat are adorable and increasingly gaining popularity among cat lovers. Reasons are obvious for this trend, fearfully and wonderfully adorable! Use a pin brush to groom your pet or even slicker can work in some cases. These coats can be heavy shedders hence de-shedders tool is handy for their owners to have. Examples of cat breeds with curly and wavy coats include Cornish Rex, LaPerm, Devon Rex, and Selkirk Rex.

Wire coat

Wirehaired coat cat looks is uniquely identified as American look and it vests its roots to one litter in upstate New York. Its coat is characterized by a springy wiry coat. Slicker and bristle brush best works for this type of coat. The breed with this type of coat is the American Blue Wirehair.

American Wirehair
American Wirehair


Finally, we look at hairless cats, these types of humans feline friends need no introduction and neither do they need any grooming. They are a low maintenance type and hypoallergenic. They include Peterbald, Bambino, and Sphynx.

Type of Cat hair brushes

Now that you know the type of coat your cat has, it is now your chance to know the type of brush that will keep your feline coat glossy and knot-free. 

Bristle brush for cat’s hair

They are great for all coat types, and a one-stop-shop for all your cat’s grooming needs for short-haired pets. However, in long-haired kitties, bristle brushes work best as finishers.

Pin brush for cat 

They are the best for removing tangles and knots in cat’s hair, they also prevent future matting. They work best in long and semi-long hair coats, also keeps curly and wavy-haired cats tangle-free.

Slicker brush for cat

A slicker brush is a handy brush to have no matter the type of coat your cat has. It can be used to remove tangles and smoothen your cat’s coat. It also distributes natural oil throughout the hair. In as much as is a must-have for all cat owners, it must be used wisely. If your cat has a short-haired coat, makes sure the bristles don’t scratch the skin and if your cat has long hair, you will not want to use it vigorously because it will break the hair.

Glove and rubber cat brush

They are perfect for removing loose hair in cats during shedding season as well as distributing healthy oils throughout the cat’s hair coat. Plus, they are perfect for massaging your cat’s skin. They are good for short-haired cats and those that do not need grooming most of the time. Use this brush as a glove and your furry friend won’t even notice it’s groom time. 

Cat comb

Use cat comb hand in hand with slicker or pin to ensure all excess fur is taken off in long-haired cats. So, cat comb should be an essential component in the cat’s grooming kit.

DeShedding tool

It is highly recommended for cats who shed heavily. This ensures your pet feels good and check off your couches from cat hair. It works perfectly for long-haired cats but you should be careful while using it on short-haired cats because it may scratch the skin.

Things to consider while choosing the best brush for your cat

While looking for a brush for your cat, there are certain factors you should keep in mind for your cat to happy when it’s grooming time. The following are factors to consider: 

The teeth

While shopping for the best brush for your cat, ensure the teeth are well designed in terms of spacing, they should not be too far apart or too close to each other. Make sure you pick the one with the teeth that will best meet your cat’s brushing needs because there are brushes available with varied gaps. It is best to buy a cat brush with teeth spaced closer to each other for cats with short hair while those with long hair, the ones with spaced gaps will work. 


The quality of a cat brush you buy should be above average, it should be solid but not too firm, your cat should feel it gently even if it touches the skin. It should be efficient and comfortable for the cat. Look for quality brushes with appealing looks and still on a budget but works great. Strike a balance between aesthetics and performance.


After trying several brands, is when you will be able to identify the brand that works great for your pet. Experience with a brush count and not the brand campaign, you will know if a brand works for you or not after using and not relying on their commercial branding strategies. You can ask other users of a certain brand what they think of or you can read online reviews to hear what past users of the brand got to say about it. After reading reviews and listening to what others have to say about a brand is when you will know if it is worth buying or not.


While choosing a brush for your cat, you do not want to think along the line of performance and aesthetics alone. Look for designs that appeal to you and the one you will feel good using it. Regrettably, you won’t feel good while using a brush with bad looks even if they are great performers. You will not want to use a brush you will find difficulty while using it. 


Last but not least factor you will want to consider is the price of the cat brush. Great cat brushes are pricy but for a good reason. Needless to say, you can still get a cat brush that performs great but on a budget. If you want all features combined, go for high priced products, they disappoint less often. On a budget, select suitable features that fit your needs best. Again, it comes down to striking a balance between quality, price, and performance.  

We can now review cat brushes according to their function and performance and the type of hair coat your pet has. 

Best cat brushes for shedding short hair

There is not irritating as tufts of hair floating across the living room, and if there are spots on your couch you could easily tell your feline friend sleeps there, it is evident there is a shedding problem in your home. Allergies may as well be flaring up and this condition is taking you in the direction you don’t like, relax! There is a solution for your right here.

Cats are graceful and beautiful but sometimes they have extra hair which is a mess for your cleaning routine. Find solace in a cat shedding brush and say goodbye to the extra amount of hair your beloved pet sheds. De-shedding brush helps your pet’s natural shedding and collect dead fur so that no excess fur ends up on your upholstery or carpets.

They are gotten rid of while grooming your pet on a weekly schedule so you can live in an allergy-free environment. Besides, you will an easy time cleaning the mess and improve blood circulation in your pet for healthy skin. FURminator De-Shedding Edge Cat Brush will work wonders in de-shedding your cat once in a week and in the same spirit keeping the allergies at bay.  This is our choice for cats with short hair.

Brushing a cat often helps reduce shedding. This will decrease the frustration many pet parents face. Quality DeShedding tools are important and consistent grooming will help. Brushing your cat at least once in a week will maintain healthy skin and oily hair. You will have the opportunity to check on parasites and skin diseases so that you can call for a vet if need be. 

Best cat brushes for long-haired cats

Cats are perfect self groomers but when they are long-haired they will use some help. To choose a brush for long-haired cats, you might need to consider brushes with longer bristles that are still gentle to the delicate skin but do the deeper job when grooming without applying too much pressure to make your cat uncomfortable.

If your long-haired cat is prone to tangles and mats, you may want to start with wide-tooth combs before doing the brushing. Long-haired cats need grooming daily unlike short-haired cats who might need grooming twice or thrice a week. Grooming long-haired cats daily not only distribute healthy oil evenly on the cat’s hair coat but also improve your relationship with your pet plus train her to be handled without aggression.

Pin brushes are ideal for brushing long-haired cats because they are gentle and unlikely to cause frizz. Although they cannot be the best if you are detangling your cat’s hair. If you are doing the grooming on your long-haired friend daily, it will be easier and would take you only a few minutes using the right grooming tools.

To get your grooming sessions started on a good note, find top-rated brushes specifically designed for long-haired cats like Hertzko Pin Brush.

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