Why Are Pet Owners Using CBD Oil for Cats and Dogs


For some people, the very idea of using an oil-related cannabis product might come as atrocious, yet, for those who are open-minded and dare to research a little about the health benefits of the cannabis plant, and how it has literally been legalized in multiple places around the world for medicinal purposes, the idea might not sound as insane.

Cannabis has been used over the years to access a wide range of health benefits that improve not only physical health but mental health as well. The main reason why people used cannabis and marijuana in this scenario was to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, and that’s the main reason why a pet owner would use a CBD product in their pets.

But what is CBD, and is it actually safe for pets? Why don’t people just use cannabis-related products for pets instead? Well, the answer is simple. Cannabis contains a component known as THC, the short name of tetrahydrocannabinol. This compound is the one that gives the plant its psychoactive effects and gets people (and animals) high. And as mentioned in this article, cannabis can be very harmful to animals such as cats and dogs. 

The reason is simple: human beings have something we call the endocannabinoid system. This system is somewhat involved in several processes of our body including mood and appetite regulation, as well as the way we deal with pain, memory, and sadness. This endocannabinoid system can be affected by the cannabis plant and THC and it is cannabinoid receptors who deal with it.

To put it simply: dogs and cats, and other animals as well, have way too many cannabinoid receptors in comparison to us humans. This complex network of receptors can be affected by THC because it’ll get overwhelmed, causing stronger and more lasting effects on them.

Here’s where CBD comes in handy. As a way to achieve the same (or even better) health benefits provided by cannabis without actually affecting our consciousness and mind, professionals opted to use the hemp plant instead.  The hemp plant is a derivation of the cannabis that contains less THC, making it pretty much harmless for both humans and animals.

The hemp plant also contains higher levels of CBD, also known as cannabidiol. This compound provides the benefits of cannabis, and the products containing it are bound to carry 0.3% of THC or less, making it a rather safe alternative for pets.

But besides it being safe for pets, what are other reasons why people would use CBD for dogs and cats instead of just buying regular medicine? 

The Health Benefits of Cannabidiol

When dogs and cats reach senior age, they are more prompt to suffering from kidney complications or inflammatory diseases like cancer.  These conditions are well known for being heavily pain-inducing and reducing mobility.

The main objective of cannabidiol products is to help the patient, be it animal or human, relieve some of the pain that comes from these conditions and its treatment. 

It’s also used to reduce inflammation, which is pretty common in older people, senior dogs, and senior cats since they commonly suffer from joint inflammation. This helps them recover some of their mobility after a couple of weeks, thanks to reducing the inflammation and relieving some of the pain caused by it.

Some people use it for relaxation purposes. The pet hemp plant for cats and dogs can also help with these kinds of goals, too. Some people use it to achieve a better quality of sleep, and it is well known how cannabis and marijuana have been used to sleep better and get rid of insomnia over the years.

That’s why some people use it on themselves and on their pets to get rid of excessive levels of stress and anxiety. Anxiety is pretty common in pets such as dogs and cats whenever they see themselves in unknown environments, or in closed spaces like inside a kennel. That makes it a perfect choice for people taking their pets on a trip.

But here’s the thing: the side-effects of cannabidiol are rarely something to be afraid off, and can be easily dealt with by reducing the dose you are giving to your pet. In case you see your pet acting weird, losing its appetites, being overly drowsy, or having problems with diarrhea, you know you’ll have to reduce its dosage!

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