Rebbeca Steward

Long Haired German Shepherd Dog

How to look after a Long Haired German Shepherd

The German shepherd is a very popular and loved breed of dogs. This fluffy dogs need a good amount of care. The Long haired German shepherd, similar to a short-haired German shepherd, grows to an average of fifty-five to sixty-five...

Should I Headbutt My Cat

Why do cats headbutt?

Have you ever observed that your cat is doing a head butt to you every morning? Did your cat wake you up through headbutt? Why do cats headbutt owners when they are sleeping? You’re not alone, most us cat owners...

What Kind Of Shampoo Can I Use On My Cat

Can You Use Dog Shampoo For Cats?

Cats, frankly, are not dogs. From a totally veterinarian view, cat care is absolutely, unequivocally and unquestionably different from dog care. Certain materials and care will have varying effects on these two species. This is a very good foundation of...

Why Does My Cat Bite Me Unprovoked

Why Does My Cat Bite Me Unprovoked?

Let’s paint the scenario in our cat-loving heads. So there you are, playing with your favorite feline. You are petting her, scratching her head, her neck, her chin, her tummy - then all of a sudden she BITES YOU! “What’s...

Can Cats Eat Pistachios

Can Cats Eat Pistachios?

It is no secret among cat lovers that their beloved babies would beg for the food that the humans are eating. There may be times when you are snacking on some pistachios, your cat goes to you and starts acting...

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