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How to wrap a cat scratching post

Cats need scratching posts for several reasons. Cats always scratch because it helps them remove dirt in their claws. A scratching post can even be a territory marker for your cat as they scratch to mark their territories. The size...

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How to Crate Train a Yorkie?

A Yorkshire Terrier puppy is a full package of strength, courage, and freedom. Although he is tiny, he is full of energy and not less than a big adult dog.  It is best to know how to crate train a...

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How to Train a Husky Puppy Not to Bite

A Husky puppy has a majestic wolf-like appearance. These breeds usually have expressive eyes and a royal looking coat.  Of course, he is also a very muscular, powerful, and energetic dog as well. That is the reason why almost everyone...

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What States Allow Hunting with Dogs?

Although trail cameras are now used in hunting and capturing wildlife, for decades, in hunting cougars, bears, and dear, the use of dogs was a deep-rooted tradition. Without dogs, the success of hunters was severely limited.  The use of dogs...

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How to Acclimate a Dog to Guns

A gunshot for the first time for a puppy can be an unfamiliar and unnatural sound. It is also one that is frightening and disheartening, at first. While dogs are not genetically afraid or shy of gunshots it can cause...

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