Can Cats Eat Pistachios?

Can Cats Eat PistachiosCan Cats Eat Pistachios

It is no secret among cat lovers that their beloved babies would beg for the food that the humans are eating. There may be times when you are snacking on some pistachios, your cat goes to you and starts acting all cute. She gives you the kitty eyes, something like this:

Then she gives you the cutest, heart-melting purr. And your heart is pricked in its deepest core. You are being convinced to give her her desire. But at the last moment, rationality kicks in and you ask yourself, “Can cats eat pistachios?”

Every once in a while, a cat owner and lover may notice his or her cat eat pistachio and get worried. After all, pistachios may be seriously bad for our favorite felines.

Such a scenario makes you ask:

Can cats eat pistachios?

The short answer is yes, cats can eat pistachios. However, the question should really be “Are pistachios good for cats?”

If your cat eats pistachio every now and then, we can assume that it is not bad for them since they decided to eat it. We can say that maybe they would not eat what’s bad for them if they had even an ounce of instinct.

Yes, cats can be picky eaters. But they will just as soon eat something bad for them. In fact, you may be shocked just how bad for cats are some of the food that you might be letting them eat.

Pistachio… NOT Good for Cats

Pistachios are considered a superfood. They are low in calorie, rich in vitamins fibers and healthy fats and taste good enough to have its own ice cream flavor. But what’s good for humans is not necessarily good for animals, or for our cats.

Cats are carnivores. All they need in their diet is meat but there are times that they would eat the pistachio that falls from your hand. However, it would be for the best that you don’t make a habit of feeding cats pistachios for quite a few serious reasons.

Tummy Problem

Pistachios are hard to digest. And because cats are naturally carnivores, it is safe to say that feeding them nuts that are hard to digest is quite a no-no.

Pistachios can cause gastrointestinal distress in cats. They may suffer from bloating and excessive gas in our cats.

Even us human omnivores, who are far better equipped to digest nuts, may suffer from gastrointestinal distress after eating one too many pistachios. But since cats are much smaller than humans, they get affected after having even just a few of these nuts.

There is also the risk of nuts causing your cats pancreatitis, which sounds like a lot of headache.

So it is safer and wiser that owners utterly avoid feeding their cats pistachios.

Foreign Body Obstruction

Foreign body obstruction occurs when something gets stuck either in the airway or the intestinal tracts. Since pistachios are hard and have shells that our cats may swallow, they take the risk of suffering from foreign body obstruction.

This is a serious condition. It is actually very painful and extremely uncomfortable for cats. It is even fatal. Surgery is required to get the blockage removed.

Unhealthy-for-Cats Ingredients

Pistachios are normally flavored with salt, onions and garlic.

Salt causes vomiting in cats, along with diarrhea. A diet high in salt would lead to low energy levels, decreased appetite, excessive thirst or urination. Incoordination may follow too. In severe cases, salt may cause coma, tremors, seizures or even death. Since pistachios are normally seasoned with a LOT of salt, they should be off the menu for the cats. 

It should also be mentioned that onions and garlic disagree with cats. Onions, whether raw, powdered, or cooked, break down cats’ red blood cells. Onions make cats anemic.

Garlic produces the same effects in cats what onions do. However, it is only five times as potent. Therefore, so feeding cats food seasoned with both is essentially poisoning your cat.

Fungus Risk

Pistachios are known to harbor the Aspergillus fungus when not properly handled or packaged. This fungus is known to have caused liver failure in dogs.

For those that truly love cats, they would not even take the risk of causing such illness to their cats.

Conclusion: Can Cats Eat Pistachios?

In a nutshell (see what I did there?), cats can eat pistachio. But the truly loving cat parent would not intentionally feed their fur-babies these nuts. And the certified cat-lover would go out of their way to prevent cats from eating pistachios to avoid many health risks.

Cats are naturally carnivores. They do not need nuts in their diet, no matter how seemingly healthy for them these nuts may be. Basically all they need to eat is meat.

Pistachios should not be fed to cats. These nuts are harmful to the felines. However, there’s no need to really worry if your kitty ate one or two of these nuts because they are not exactly lethal.

Pistachios, and other nuts, may cause serious health problems for cats. Problems such as gastrointestinal distress, foreign body obstruction, and liver failure. We all should also be aware of the ingredients of the foods we feed our cats, because we may be unknowingly poisoning them.

So the next time you are eating pistachios and your cat decides to show off her cuteness to have some of those nuts, think of the possible risks you might be taking by feeding your cats foods alien in their diets.

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