Why Does My Cat Bite Me Unprovoked?

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Let’s paint the scenario in our cat-loving heads. So there you are, playing with your favorite feline. You are petting her, scratching her head, her neck, her chin, her tummy – then all of a sudden she BITES YOU! “What’s her deal? What’s the matter with her?” you ask. “Why does my cat bite me unprovoked?”

This is probably a question that every person in this green earth who owned a cat had to ask themselves.

Well, there are some possible reasons why cats bite seemingly without a cause to.

Petting-Induced Aggression

We all have to understand, cats have feelings. Sure those feelings may be annoyance and a feeling of general jerkiness most of the time, but feelings nonetheless. Like humans, there is a only a certain amount of touching that is comfortable for cats.

Cat parents may be aggressed by their babies when they pet them too much or on the parts of their bodies that they don’t like being touched or aren’t used to being touched.

Cats must be socialized with humans very early on in their lives. They must get used to being handled like babies because it is not instinctively natural for cats to be socially touched except when being groomed by fellow cats.

Kittens who spend at least five minutes with humans in their first seven weeks of life will develop a more trusting nature towards their owners.

Another factor of petting-induced aggression in cats is that they only normally want their heads and necks scratched, and nothing else. This is deeply rooted to their allogrooming instinct – the act of letting other cats groom them.

When being allogroomed, cats only let other cats groom their heads and necks, because those are the only parts of their bodies that they can’t easily reach on their own. This behavior translates to the cat’s relationship with humans.

Establishing Dominance

In this theory, cats have this weird desire to establish their dominance. They want to be the queen of their surroundings. When they are being handled by their owners to the point of totally losing control, they go all berserk on their adoptive parents.

Cats think of it in this way in their little heads: “Listen, human, you can only pet me as long as I allow it. You get me? I can only handle so much of you. I’ve had enough of your touch. Now let me go or I’ll go full king-of-the-jungle at you!”

This is somehow similar to humans. When someone gives us a pat on the back, it feels good. But when the pats keep on coming, we get annoyed and we lose our wits.

Medical Problem

There are times that we don’t know beloved fur-balls carry a medical problem we may not be aware of. This can result in aggression or irritation that we can’t understand.

If this is the case, it can easily be remedied with the vet.


Kittens play. They frolick like they don’t have any cares in the world. And there are times that they want to play but don’t get their humans to pay attention to them.

So then they bite. This kind of biting is more like nipping. They are not meant to cause pain, but rather to only get attention. Think of it as a baby crying to get Mommy’s attention.

Thankfully, play aggression is the more common kind of aggression that cats direct towards their humans. Their plays are meant to teach them how to survive in their world.

Such play include stalking, pouncing, leaping, paw-swapping and occasionally, biting. Kittens who never had opportunities to participate in such kind of play because they are ignored might never learn to temper their play when the opportunity arises.

As your kitten grows older, play-related aggression will lessen.

Redirected Aggression

There may be times that our cats are being annoyed by something they can’t control or reach, like the mouse on the other side of the window. What, then, do these cute creatures do? They will seek to unleash their fearsome fury on what they can reach.

Honestly, we can’t blame their reaction, because humans display the same primitive behavior. When the roads are filled with turtle-cars, we tend to get hot-tempered. The cats feel the same.

This aggression is perhaps the closest to the “unprovoked” aggression there is, at least from the cat parent’s perspective.

So when your cat goes full Spartan on everything he or she could reach for no apparent reason, search for what might be causing the annoyance.

Fearful or Defensive

Cats have extremely acute senses, that goes without saying. There may be times when they detect threats their humans are ignorant of. And when this happens, the cats will do everything they can to get out of the situation. It is highly possible that they will even resort to feral means.

The more threatening the situation, the more intense the fear reaction will be. If ever you had to ask yourself “Why does my cat bite me unprovoked?” consider the possibility that there may be a threat you are not aware of.

In such a situation, it may be best to let your cat go to do as he sees fit to take care of its problem. Maybe your Tom just has a Jerry to deal with.

How to Handle Cat Aggression

Work with a veterinarian. Perhaps the greatest concern for cat-lovers is when the aggression of the toms is rooted from pain or a disease that can’t be known without a proper diagnosis. If that be the case, the cat-lover can’t help but be relieved that the cat won’t have to suffer longer when properly treated.

It is also wise to analyze your cat’s behavioral pattern if your cat’s aggression is intense. But it is better to have a professional do the analysis. There are certain techniques one can employ to remedy a cat’s aggression.

Undisputed Answer to “Why does my cat bite me unprovoked?”

Next time your cat acts up around you and bites you. You ask, “Why does my cat bite me unprovoked?” Chances are, they have their own reasons.

Why Does My Cat Bite Me Unprovoked
Why Does My Cat Bite Me Unprovoked:

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