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Guide to Best Cat Nail Clippers (2020) for Smart Cat Lovers

What Type Of Nail Clippers Are Best For CatsImage by amfXZ from Pixabay

Clipping or trimming is the most dreaded activity for cat lover. However, if you invest in the right cat nail clippers, you will have a smooth and effortless experience. We have researched thoroughly and put to test plenty of clippers only to find the most-reviewed and best cat nail clippers that make cat nail clipping an effortless process. For your information, grinder style clippers did not perform and we are yet to find a cat who feels comfortable with grinders. Traditional pliers and scissors style clippers get the job done without a struggle and what’s more? They are cost-effective. But there are plenty of electric cat nail clippers out there that work as well. 

We have sampled different types of clippers and grinders that work great if you are tired of fussing around while clipping your cat’s nail. I assure you to find the clipper or grinder that works for your cat considering the budget for every cat parent.

What to look out for while buying a cat nail clipper

If you want to know what sets apart the best cat nail clippers, here is a buyer’s guide you must know before spending your money on cat nail clippers if you are looking for the best. 

Type of blade

This the most significant part of a cat nail clipper. If the blade isn’t a high-quality blade and remains sharp for longer, you shouldn’t use to cut your cat’s nails. The high-quality blade does not rust easily and remains sharp for a long time and can easily sharpen at home. Having a sharp blade clipper will ensure you don’t hurt your pet and let her feel comfortable throughout the exercise. 

Safety features

You want a clipper with safety features for yourself and your feline friend while trimming their nails. The last thing you want to happen is to hurt your cat while trimming their nails. So some clippers have safety features like a quick guard at the tip of the clipper which prevents you from getting too close to the quick while cutting. Other safety features are unique to the type of clipper but the most important thing is letting safety come first for both of you while trimming your cat’s nail at home. 

Ease of use

Nail clippers come with different forms; sophisticated, fancy and basic. While fancier and sophisticated ones come with aesthetic looks, ease of use should be your priority. You want a clipper that you can use properly. Features like anti-slip or rubber grips so that you can clip your feline friend comfortably. You will prefer those with longer handles than your palm so that you can leverage better while gripping it. The easier you can use a clipper the easier the time you will have while clipping your cat’s nail. 

Why nail cat clippers

The question is why should you trim your cat’s nail in the first place? The main concern is hygiene. Just like human trim their nails, cats have too. But because cats can’t do it on their own, as a cat parent you need to lend a helping hand use the products we will recommend in this article later.

Cats spend a better part of their time indoors, especially those who live in the cities, hence crawl over the furniture and carpets most of the time. Furniture has crevices and openings which claws might get stuck in, even if they are not working on the carpets or furniture, long claws will get in the way of anything they do leave them hurt or uncomfortable.

Broken claws are harmful to your pet, it may lead to bleeding and infections. Infections may be fatal and many have lost their beloved cats through unnoticed infections. Aside from broken claws, there could be other different hazards, germs and other debris might get stored under the claws which may get ingested by your cat causing them digestion issues or illness. Long cat nails can accidentally hurt your kids or members of your family while playing with the pet. 

Untended claws can cause serious health issues

As for the long term effects of untended claws, they may alter the walking style of your pet because walking with claws can be a hassle. This may lead to ligament issues or arthritis due to extra pressure on bones and ligament.

Finally, all that said and done, there is a selfish reason why you should never allow your pet to walk around with long nails. They can destroy your showpieces in the living area, they tear your clothes, bedsheets and more.


I bet you don’t want to use a heavy and bulky cat nail clipper because it lessens your control over the clipper plus adds fatigue unto your hands and fingers. You want to go for lightweight nail trimmers and grinders that can get the job done and they are comfortable to handle.


Prices play a fundamental role when you want to buy anything. Cat nail clippers are not an exception. You may get a cheaper cat nail clipper but are made from cheaper materials, which can easily crush or crush your cat’s nails. You can get fancier nail clippers under 25 dollars. And they pricy ones may have specialized grinding heads and additional accessories that are worth the price. We included a wide range of budget-friendly selection for you, so you don’t have to worry if you are shopping for your pet’s nail clippers on a budget.


if you are planning to buy electric nail trimmers you might want to consider the amount of noise it produces. Some pets might be sensitive to noise while others won’t mind, either way, choose what your pet will feel comfortable using it. Loud lesser than 75 decibels is ideal for cats. 

Different Types of Cat Nail Clippers

There are four main types of cat nail clippers namely; scissor clippers, guillotine clippers, grinding tool trimmers and finally human nail clippers. Each has its advantages and disadvantages so follow along for details. 

Grinding tool trimmers

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This is for those cat lovers who always find themselves clipping to close to the quick even when they are using the scissor-type clippers. If you are not confident clipping your cat nails with both scissor type and guillotine, then this is for you. Why do I say so? No blades involved in this! Just a sandpaper or emery board that will grind the nails of your cat slowly and bit by bit. You are able to see the progress in which the nail decreases and stops when you think it is appropriate. Another advantage of grinding tool trimmers over the other clippers is that, by the end of grinding you will have a smooth finish, unlike the rest where you will need to file nails after clipping. They can work on any cat, large or small.

Guillotine clippers

[amalinkspro type=”showcase” asin=”B00UJ2WLB0″ apilink=”″ associate-id=”” new-window=”1″ addtocart=”0″ nofollow=”1″ sc-id=”4″ imgs=”LargeImage” link-imgs=”false” stack-imgs=”false” specs=”★ RECOMMENDED BY PROFESSIONALS: The Boshel pet nail clipper is an ergonomically designed Powerful and easy-to-use pet grooming tool, the nail trimmer is recommended by animal trainers, veterinarians, professional pet groomers and thousands of satisfied customers as the best pet nail clippers on amazon to use for medium and large dogs and cats.~~~★ CLEAN CUTS EVERY TIME: The pet nail clippers are made out of high quality 3.5 mm thick stainless steel sharp blades, it is powerful enough to trim your dogs or cats nails with just one cut, it will stay sharp for years to come for stress-free, smooth, quick and sharp cuts.~~~★ USER FRIENDLY DESIGN: The professional dog nail clipper is designed to keep you comfortable while grooming your pet at home, it features comfortable, easy grip, non-slip, ergonomic handles which stay safely in place in your hands to ensure ease of use and prevent accidental nicks and cuts.~~~★ SAFETY STOP SERVES AS A QUICK SENSOR: The dog grooming clippers is safely Outfitted with a safety stop blade that greatly reduces the risk of cutting nails too short and injuring your dog by cutting in to the quick.~~~★ BONUS: Free mini nail file included to file the sharp nails after cutting your dogs and cats nails ,it is placed comfortably in the left handle of the clipper.~~~” btn-color=”#ff9900″ btn-text=”View on Amazon” alignment=”alignnone” hide-prime=”0″ hide-image=”0″ hide-reviews=”0″ hide-price=”0″]Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer By Boshel – With Safety Guard to Avoid Over-cutting Nails & Free Nail File – Razor Sharp Blades – Sturdy Non Slip Handles – For Safe, Professional At Home Grooming[/amalinkspro]

They are structured similarly to guillotines in the sense that they have a small stationary ring to insert the cat’s nail. It is similar to a hole puncher when you squeeze the handles, the blades glide forward to slice the nail beyond. This type is good for small to medium-sized cats. It is not strong enough to trim nails for larger cats. Using guillotine clippers presents some risks because the much nail inters into the hole in the much it is cut off. If you are not careful to locate the quick before inserting the nail into the hole, so that you don’t get too close to the quick it might lead bleeding. You might even crush the nails if you place it in a crooked manner. To use this type of clippers properly and without casualties, you are required to replace the blades after a certain number of continuous use.  

Scissor clippers

[amalinkspro type=”showcase” asin=”B003JDP4UG” apilink=”″ associate-id=”” new-window=”1″ addtocart=”0″ nofollow=”1″ sc-id=”4″ imgs=”LargeImage” link-imgs=”false” stack-imgs=”false” specs=”GENTLE GROOMING FOR SENSITIVE PETS: A buzz-free alternative to clippers. Scissors + Clipper Combs = a safe, relaxed grooming session.~~~16 PCS: (1) Scissor, (7) Combs, (2) Comb Organizers, (4) finger inserts, (1) Grooming Guide, (1) Storage Bag. PATENTED~~~CHOOSE YOUR LENGTH: Includes seven combs for cut lengths from 1/2 inch to 1 inch. MADE IN USA of Domestic and Imported Parts~~~CUSTOMIZE THE FIT, Choose: SNUG, with soft gel finger inserts, MEDIUM with thin smooth inserts or LOOSE with no inserts.~~~GENTLE GROOMING PROMISE: Not completely satisfied with Scaredy Cut? Well replace parts or issue a refund on request. GUARANTEED~~~” btn-color=”#ff9900″ btn-text=”View on Amazon” alignment=”alignnone” hide-prime=”0″ hide-image=”0″ hide-reviews=”0″ hide-price=”0″]Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Grooming Kit For Cats & Dogs – Quiet Alternative to Electric Clippers For Sensitive Pets – Right-Handed, Pink[/amalinkspro]

They appear like scissors and work like scissors too. In our opinion, we regard these types of cat nail clippers as the best so far. They are similar to scissors hence using them is easy. Using scissor-type clippers, you will have a clear view of what length of the nail you are cutting off your pet. Unlike the guillotine where you have no idea how far the nail is into the hole. They work well on all cat sizes, large or small. They have a compact built and a mechanism where you can apply an adequate amount of force to cut the nails off. you don’t need to replace the blades but sharpen them occasionally.

Human nail clippers 

If you don’t have the budget for a cat nail clipper, human nail clippers can suffice. Using human nail clippers can be cumbersome because they are smaller but in the end, gets the job done. Human nail clippers can be harder to grip on and have total control of it but if you no other option, you can use it and pay great attention to the quick. The last thing you want to do your pet is hurt her.

Smart Cat Lover’s Pick of the Best Nail Clippers

Now that you know what to look for when buying a cat nail trimmer, what type of nail clippers are best for cats? The following are the trimmers and clippers ranked according to a criterion. I am glad to inform you that you can use these clippers and trimmers on just about any pet you may be having, from dogs, pigs, bunnies and more.

Best overall cat nail clipper

Dremel 7300-PT Pet Nail Grooming Tool

[amalinkspro type=”showcase” asin=”B07Y1TTXY5″ apilink=”″ associate-id=”” new-window=”1″ addtocart=”0″ nofollow=”1″ sc-id=”4″ imgs=”LargeImage” link-imgs=”false” stack-imgs=”false” specs=”?EASY TO HOLD & USE: This dog nail grinder is easy to grip in your hand,and it creates a smoother, rounder nail tip than other grinders will, without any particular effort.Very Easy to Use!~~~?SAFE & SUPER QUIET : The dog nail grinder is safer than nail clipper to trim pet nails, reducing the risk of clipping the claws too short or hurt pets.The noise when operating is within the 50db,will not scare your pets when trimming their nails.~~~?USB RECHARGEABLE & LONG LASTING BATTERY LIFE : Rechargeable by USB with indicator light, make it more convenient,without changing batteries. This nail trimmer can be used for about 2 hours after 3 hours of fully charging.~~~?POWERFUL MOTOR & 2 RUNING SPEED: The motor is powerful enough to trim your pets nail in a short time. 2 rotation speed,you can adjust between high or low speed for precise control on different nail thicknesses, let you safely and carefully grind nails in stages.~~~?SUITABLE FOR ALL SIZED DOGS:The pet nail grinder has 3 ports for different sized nails.You can choose a suitable one according to the pets size and characteristics of their nails.Good for dogs,cats, rabbit and birds.~~~” btn-color=”#ff9900″ btn-text=”View on Amazon” alignment=”alignnone” hide-prime=”0″ hide-image=”0″ hide-reviews=”0″ hide-price=”0″]oneisall Dog Nail Grinder – Upgraded 2 Speed Quiet USB Rechargeable Professional Pet Nail Trimmer Paws Grooming & Smoothing Claw Care for Small Medium Large Dogs & Cats -Black[/amalinkspro]

This the best cat nail trimmer and clipper available in the market according to our detailed research. It stands out from the crowd courtesy of its rotary tool that is safe and effective for your pet’s grooming. It makes your cat’s grooming session joyful and less stressful.

Key Features 

  • It is made from a high-density plastic material
  • It comes with two distinct rotation speeds. 
  • Cordless for maximum control and flexibility 
  • A rotary tool
  • Rechargeable batteries 
  • A 2-year warranty. 


  • Brand name: Dremel
  • Model: 7300-PT
  • Weight: 1.19 lbs


  • The Dremel 7300-PT pet nail clipper is a grooming tool made from high-density plastic material for durability and compact built.  
  • Its rotary tool is designed to deliver to rotation speeds so you can choose the best speed for you and your pet. 
  • Dremel 7300-PT is cordless to provide you with maximum control during the trimming session. 
  • Low vibration makes the session comfortable and enjoyable if your cat is patient. 
  • Its battery is rechargeable so that you can use it for a long time before replacing them.
  • It is easier to clean and sanitize
  • You can handle it at any angle while trimming your pet’s nail. 
  • It comes with a two-year warranty so that in case of technical failures you can still return to the manufacturer for repairs or replacement. 


  • A little heavier so it can create fatigue on your hand and fingers while trimming the cat’s nail.
  • Grinding may cause discomfort to a feline friend if they are not used to grinding nail tools.

Most affordable cat nail clipper

Pet Nail Clipper for small animals

If you are looking for a pet nail clipper, you better not consider electric ones, Pet Nail Clipper for small animals is great for cats, bunnies and other small rodents you are rearing. It is a scissor-like clipper with a comfortable handle so that you get the job done without a fuss. You can either choose a curved blade or a flat one but we recommend the curved one to go along with the cat nail natural curve. If you are a vet, this is for you.

The blade is thick and stainless steel for heavy-duty and durability. It helps if you get a curved blade because it reduces the chances of cutting the quick. They are easy to use and comfortable to handle for a long time. The stainless steel ensures it remains sharp for a long time and what’s more? Money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product performance. You can effortlessly clean with water and soap. It comes with extra files to use after clipping your pet.

Notable features 

  • It is the best non-electric option 
  • Scissor like clipper with a comfortable handle
  • A flat or curved stainless steel blade for heavy-duty calls and durability
  • Extra nail file for use after clipping


  • Brand: Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals
  • Size: Angled
  • Weight: 0.6 ounces


  • It is a scissor-like clipper with a comfortable handle
  • Stainless steel and thick to handle heavy-duty clipping and durability.
  • Money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the performance
  • It remains sharp for longer
  • Easy to clean with water and soap
  • Comes with an added file to use after clipping 


  • If you are not careful you can easily cut the quick or get too close to it which will not be business as usual with your furry friend
  • It will require filing the nails after clipping which is time-consuming

Most silent nail grinder

Oster Gentle Paws Less Stress Dog and Cat Nail Grinder

If you want a noiseless nail grinder that allows you to trim your pet’s nail with a breeze, Oster Gentle Paws is for you. You can use in cats and dogs without a problem. It features two-speed options so you can switch between pet types. A coarse stone is included to file down tough nails. Three bands, of which one is fine and the two that are coarse are also included. It has a convenient safety guard on the tip to keep your hands safe when using. Its unique design makes it possible to handle it at any angle. It is more powerful and cuts the trimming time by half compared to the rest.

Main Features 

  • Powerful motor
  • Unique design 
  • Two different speed options
  • Fine and coarse file stones
  • Quiet rotary tool 
  • Safety guard included
  • It comes with multiple bands


  • Brand: Oster gentle paws
  • Model: 078129-600-001
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces


  • If your pet is sensitive to noise, this is the ultimate choice for her nails.
  • Faster than the rest, using Oster gentle paws cuts trimming and grinding time by half.
  • Comes with three bands for different nail types
  • It has a convenient safety guard for the safety of your hands while trimming or grinding.
  • Comfortable to handle at any angle 


Non-rechargeable batteries

Now that we have made our top picks based on certain criteria, it is time to know the tricks and tips while trimming or clipping your furry friend. Generally, it is easy to cut the nails of your pet but sometimes it can be intimidating because the process sometimes leads to hurting your friend. And you don’t have to go for the most sophisticated and expensive products, even the simplest ones can have the job well done and an opportunity for you to save some bucks if you are on a budget. For a better experience for you and your cat during groom time follow the following steps and all will be well. 

  1. Ensure you are doing the whole exercise in a place where there is enough lighting. This will enable you to see where you are cutting. Most of all you will avoid cutting the quick or too close to the quick which your friend will not be comfortable or feel hurt.
  2. Communicate with your friend during the exercise to assure him that all will be well after all. The process is stressful so giving them praise and treats will make the process easier for both of you.
  3. Ensure the blades are parallel to the natural nail when cutting down. 
  4. Trim your cat every two weeks
  5. Lastly, never squeeze your cat’s toes while cutting their nails, this will leave them with a bad experience making them disappear when your nail cutter comes out. 

If you follow instructions and tips correctly, you get the job done without hurting your cat. And you feel incompetent or uncomfortable trimming your cat’s nail, seek help from a professional. It might cost you some bucks every month but I encourage you to try several times before giving up. The exercise is an opportunity for both of you to get more acquainted and improve the trust between the cat parent and the cat. 

Learn from the experts: How to use cat nail clippers

Whether it is your first time or not cutting your cat’s nail, make sure you do it the right way. You can watch plenty of videos available online or seek guidance from a vet specialist. It is important to start cutting your cat’s nail when they are as young as possible. Cats don’t like their claws cut but training them when they are young, they will get used to and make the process easier in the future. Start by placing your cat in a comfortable place like your laps before the exercise.

Take your time to lure your cat allow you to hold her paws, when they are at ease, place your thumb on top and fingers below and apply little pressure to make the nails come out of its sheath, do one nail at a time and consider the mood of the cat. If they feel uncomfortable at some point, let her rest for around ten minutes before you resume.

Make sure to treat your cat after the exercise, who knows? Next time they might be longing for the next session knowing the treats afterward. It will reduce the hassle you could have to go through when the next trimming session comes.


Now that you have everything you need to know at your fingertips on how to cut your cat’s nail, you already know the right clippers and trimmers for your cat, remember how to make your cat docile and prepare them psychologically for the process. Make sure to keep appropriate distance to the quick because getting too close can cause pain and discomfort to a feline friend. Don’t get discouraged if your cat disregards the nail trimming exercise the first time, they will get used in subsequent exercise and in the end love the session. All the products highlighted above are for experts and amateurs alike, amateurs are encouraged to used battery-powered clippers although they take a long time before the job gets done and the sound may scare your friend. 

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