Human Food for Cats: What Are Foods Cats Can’t Eat?

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Cats beg for food when their humans are snacking away on a juicy treat, which is a common knowledge among cat owners. What is not common knowledge is whether you should give your cat a bit of the food? Is the human food for cats suitable for their digestive system?

Another knowledge which is not common is what foods are fine to be consumed by cats and what foods are unhealthy for them.

All cat owners should know what is okay and what is not when it comes to human food for cats. Here is a basic guideline.


Cat are meat eaters. They are carnivores, plain and simple. Meat is everything they need in their regular diet.

When it comes to meat, however, it should literally be plain and simple. No seasonings should be added to it, as seasonings might interfere with your cat’s digestive system.

The meat should also not be raw, as that may contain salmonella and E. coli, which are both not good for cats. To be safe, the meat should be as naked as possible, and boiled till thoroughly cooked.

Some examples of meat you can treat your pet cat with are chicken, beef, turkey and small amounts of lean deli meats. Just make sure they are as unseasoned as possible, and that they are not raw nor spoiled.

One good tip about meat for your cat is that if you would not eat it, do not give it to your pet.


It is no secret that cats like fish. Fish are the stereotypical food for cats. The omega-3 in fish is good for your kitty’s eyes and with preventing a number of illnesses, like arthritis, and heart and kidney problems.

Just make sure that the fish for your cat is freshly caught, as market-bought fish are normally processed in some way to preserve it.

Also, canned fish is not really good since canned fish are very likely to carry unhealthy mercury in them. Raw fish is a big no-no too.

To be safe, either a freshly-caught fish, plainly cooked, or a manufactured fish treat for cats will do.


Another great source of protein, eggs are good for food for your kitty. Just make sure that the eggs are cooked since, like meat, raw eggs carry salmonella and can harm your cat.


Cheese in very small amounts is feline friendly. Like most of the foods listed on this list, cheese is rich in protein.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are rich in protein, and they are very easy to make. Many cats like smaller grains, so you might have to mash them up first.

Some examples of whole grains are corn, polenta, cornmeal, brown rice, barley and wheat berries, millet and couscous, and whole grain breadcrumbs are good too. Just make sure the grains are properly cooked so that your cat can digest them well.

Cats are not really built for lactose digestion, though, so their cheese consumption should be done very sparingly. And for good measure, stay away from milk.

Can Cats Eat Vegetables?

Who would have thought that veggies are human food for cats? Maybe not a lot. But that is because not a lot of cats like vegetables (fewer still like fruits since cats could not taste sweetness).

But what everybody know is that vegetables are filled with helpful nutrients and vitamins. Plus they are filled with fiber and water, which are both a great help for digestion.

For this to work though, you might have to get crafty. You should learn to sneak into her regular diet vegetables because, chances are, you cat would not like it.

Some good ideas of vegetable treats for your cat are freshly sliced cucumber, cantaloupe, broccoli or asparagus.

One way of sneaking in veggies into her meal is by putting it in burger. But you will have to make sure that there are no onions or garlic or salt in the burger because all those three can cause your cat serious problems.

All Calories

All calories are good for kitty consumption. Overfeeding in calories comes with its problems, though. Your cat may become overweight.

Just remember, in everything, balance is a must.

A full, balanced diet is enough for your fuzzy ball to grow healthy and strong and adorable.

Careful What You Feed Your Cat

Not all human foods are good to be consumed by cats. Cats have a very different digestive system than what humans have.

In fact, there are a lot of human foods that cats should NOT eat because most human foods have been processed in such a way that they become unhealthy and harmful for our beloved pets.

When introducing a new kind of food into your cat’s diet, to be safe, inform your vet.

No Other Ingredients

Another important thing to remember when considering human food for cats is that the plainer the food is, the better.

When it comes to seasoning, less is more.

Except for vegetables, thoroughly cooked food is better since it eliminates the risk of salmonella and E. coli and other possible diseases.

Human Food for Cats are Just Treats

Any human food should not be the regular meal of your cat. These foods should only be occasional treats.

The treats are just meant to keep her mealtimes interesting and to provide your cat extra health boosts. If these foods become the regular meals, then your cat might suffer from toxicity. 

A full, balanced cat food should be your cat’s regular meal. If not, then her diet should be as varied and balanced as possible. This is a good way for her to maintain a good health, good look and a good life.

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