Can Cats Eat Beans? We have the answer.

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We should all want the best for our feline pets. But before feeding them foods not normally part of their carnivorous diet, we must deeply assess the costs and benefits.
Beans are super rich in many nutrients. And we may want to feed them these precious nutrients. However before giving them such a treat, we must ask ourselves: Can cats eat beans?

Can Cats Eat Beans?

Yes, cats can eat beans. And it can be truly beneficial for them, too. In fact, there are many nutrients within beans that can make you cat a SUPER CAT!

But before we excitedly chuck beans down our cats’ throats, we must first analyze the benefits and the costs of feeding cats beans.

Cats Need High-Protein Foods

Beans, virtually all of them, are rich in protein, and cats need a lot of protein. So feeding your cat beans may be a shortcut to a thankful kitty without spending too much.

However it should be mentioned that what cats really need are animal protein. They are obligate carnivores. Bean protein won’t cut it for their protein needs. However protein can be a good complement for their normal meal from time to time.

Iron – for Tougher Cats

Anemia is something you cat may suffer from. Or it could be something she may acquire. To help prevent anemia, you might want to consider giving her a few beans once in a while.

Beans are really rich in iron, which is really great for anemic prevention. Signs that your feline friend suffers from anemia are decreased growth rate, weakness, decreased appetite, depression, rapid breathing, dark-colored feces and a weakened immune system.

If you see that your pet is not her usual active, pouncing and playing self, a few beans in her diet every now and then may restore her.

No To Cancer

One in five cats suffer from the clutches of cancer. While that is a very disheartening fact, there are ways to make sure that your little cat does not suffer from cancer.

Beans are rich in antioxidants and in fiber, which are both observed to help reduce the risk of cancer. They are also rich in phytochemicals such as saponin, protease and phytic acid, which eliminate cancer cells from growing.

Diabetes Prevention

If your cat has a taste for sweet foods, a few beans every now and then will be sure to help regulate her blood sugar level to decrease chances of her having diabetes.

If she does not have the accursed sweet tooth, feed her beans nonetheless because cats are prone to high blood sugar. Whenever your cat gets stressed, her blood sugar level increases. So just to be safe, give her some of those anti diabetes components found in beans.

Sleek and Slim Cats

It is safe to say that our cats want to maintain their figures. If so, beans may be just their kind of food.

Green beans, when served as a regular treat, are good for our chubby cats. Sure our cats are cuter when they are fatter, but truly loving cat parents would not want their babies suffering from being overweight,  or in worse cases, obesity.

The US Army Veterinary Services suggests four or five fiber-rich green beans as an occasional treat for your cat rather than the usual tasty stuff bad for the feline waistline.

Aside from green beans, regular beans may be very helpful in keeping your cat’s weight in check. Beans are metabolized more slowly than other carbs, which means eating it makes your cat feel full for longer. This way, your cat will not go hungry without being excessively high in calories.

Anti Constipation

If your cat is having some trouble releasing bodily waste, she may be constipated. A good measure against constipation is a few bites of beans.

Beans are rich in fiber. Fiber promotes bowel movement. As simple as that, your cat does not have to keep holding everything in. Now she can release what’s destroying her from the inside!

Beauty Meal

Among the many nutrients within beans is copper. Copper plays a role for the normal pigmentation of skin and hair. And it should be common knowledge for cat owners that cats love to keep themselves beautiful, clean and radiant, just observe how much they love grooming themselves!

Energetic and Playful Cat

Magnesium is a significant part of beans. And magnesiums are great energy boosters! They provide assistance in energy production, proper muscle function, bone growth, heart health and dental health.

Basically, magnesium is an all around nutrient great for cats who are playful, active and cute.

Benefits For YOU!

Beans are versatile. You can easily incorporate it into your picky eater’s diet. It could be a side dish, or mashed into their regular meals. You can feed your cats bean soup, maybe with meat bits. You can be creative with it!

Besides from beans being versatile, they are also cheap. You don’t have to spend much to make sure your cat-baby is healthy, active and pretty. A few beans creatively incorporated in her diet should be enough to make sure that she gets the best out of her mealtimes.

There’s more! Beans are convenient. Their availability is reliable. You can always buy them from any grocery store, just make sure they are unsalted, because salt is one big no-no for cats. They are easy to store, and they are easy to prepare.

So.. Can Cats Eat Beans?

Can cats eat beans? Yes, but like in all things, moderation is key. Yes, beans are an easy way of providing our favorite felines the sustenance they need and deserve. But we must always remember that beans are only supplements to their regular diet.

Cats are carnivores, so we should only use beans as an additional boost to their meal, not the staple food. In case you are worried that your cat is showing signs of not getting enough nutrients, just throw a few beans into her car bowl every now and then. And you can soon expect her to be playing with you in no time!

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