Can Cats Eat Chicken Bones: Is it Fine?

Can Cats Eat Chicken BonesPhoto by Alex West on Unsplash

Cats are obligate carnivores and they are naturally adapted to hunt for prey. Mice being their favorite kill. So, the food you give to your feline should be raw, if you want your cat to maximize innate health. I didn’t say processed food aren’t good enough but in your own judgment strike a balance between them. One problem cat parents face with raw cat food is the cost and perishability. Can cats eat chicken bones? Fortunately, your cat doesn’t have to feed only on raw meat or organs to be health, you can supplement their diet with raw chicken bones and make sure they eat them in your presence. Reasons being, bones pose a danger to your cat especially if they are big bones, they can choke your cat to death. 

So, can cats eat chicken bones? Yes, they can but under your watch. Avoid cooked chicken bones because they splinter which leads to cuts and laceration in your pet’s digestive track which leads to internal bleeding and pain, or even death if you don’t take urgent measures to call a vet. Cooked bones are less flexible and can easily cause obstruction by getting stuck in your feline’s throat, or inside the digestive track. What is more regarding cooked bones? They are less nutritious since the most regarded nutrients get leeched out during the cooking. 

What happens if my cat ate a chicken bone?

If your cat ate chicken bones, you have a reason to worry especially if they are cooked chicken bones. Keep a close eye to your cat for a few days as you monitor their behavior, any disinterest in food, vomiting, abdominal bloating or diarrhea are some of the symptoms you must be wary of if your cat shows. Immediately take action by calling the vet. In case of intestinal blockage, your vet may consider emergency surgery as a remedy although you cat may recover, don’t take chances. If you had a chicken feast last night, never dare give bones to your cat no matter how much they cry for. Make sure you dispose them correctly. 

Tips for feeding your feline with chicken bones

If you want to introduce your cat to raw chicken bones, you better consult with the vet first. And remember to take caution when introducing them to raw bones. Make sure to supervise her when she eats the bones. In case it faces problems you are there to help. Also ensure your cat eats the right bone sizes. Ribs, wings and neck bones preferred over the leg bones because they are tender. For your cat to get used to raw chicken bones, introduce them when they are still kittens. This ensures that they get used to it and learn better skills on how to feed on bones early and figure out on their own how to chew bones safely. 

If you are not comfortable with feeding chicken bones, consider supplementing their diet. Supplement with homemade chicken bone broth. Take note that broth you make for your cat should be free from additives and other junky food. Also, onions and garlic are harmful to your cat’s health. 

Can kittens eat chicken bones?

 Raw chicken bones offer splendid benefits to your cat. First, raw chicken bones are a source of minerals and vitamins. Calcium abundantly available in raw bones strengthen your cat’s bones and teeth. It also increases the bio-availability of other minerals and vitamins. This in turn helps their body use other essential minerals effectively essential for healthy bones, brain, muscle and organs. Aside from internal essential benefits, your cat will benefit by strengthening their teeth through chewing bones. Chewing bones naturally fulfills cat’s instinct while cleaning tartar and plague build up. Another advantage of introducing your kitten to bones is that they will get used to eating bones. They can figure out how to chew bones safely unlike introducing them later. Introducing later will pose dangers to your cat like bones getting stuck in the throat and so on. 

Can cat eat raw chicken?

Yes. They are obligate carnivores and they love it too. They normally hunt for themselves and it is no wonder they have had these delicacies on their own several times without your knowledge. Mice specifically are one delicacy your cat loves to feast on. Cat’s digestive track is short and very acidic hence gives no chance for bacteria to thrive which could cause food poisoning. If you don’t restrict your cat to remain indoors they might be lucky to catch birds too. So chicken meat is a good way to treat your cat once in a while. Raw chicken apart from nutrition benefits, they assist in cat’s hydration because of its high fluid content and make them satiated for a long time unlike dry food. Your cat will many reasons to thank you for if you feed them with chicken delicacies more often.

Risks associated with feeding your cat with raw chicken

Feeding your cat with raw chicken would satisfy her hunger, but it doesn’t mean you should purely rely on in your pet’s diet. If you rely on raw chicken in your cat’s diet, your cat will miss some of the vital nutrients like taurine and amino acid not available in raw chicken. Lack of enough taurine in your cat’s diet will leave your cat prone to serious health issues like hair loss and reproductive issues. There are other reasons why you should think again before relying on raw chicken in your cat’s diet. While cats have shorter intestinal track which makes it more resistant to food poisoning, it is not 100% risk-free from pathogens like salmonella. Salmonella can cause infection in cats called salmonellosis. Signs that your cat is suffering from salmonellosis include fever, vomiting and diarrhea. They may also exhibit rapid weight loss or may be lethargic. Skin disease or mucus in the skin may be a sign of salmonellosis. Can cats eat chicken bones? Yes, but with precaution.

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