Can Cats Eat Green Beans? 

Can Cats Eat Green BeansPhoto by Hkyu Wu on Unsplash

As a cat owner you might be thinking, “What  can I feed my cat that will be truly beneficial? Can I feed her vegetables? If so, what? What vegetables are good for my cat that are affordable, efficient and healthy? Carrots? Lettuce? Okra? Green beans? Can cats eat green beans?”

Certified cat lovers and owners undoubtedly want to supplement their cat’s food with something beneficial for their health. And if you are one such cat-person, then the thought of feeding your cat green beans might have crossed your mind.

Of course before feeding your baby green beans, you want to make sure that it will be for her good. You are in the right place, because there are actually some really good reasons to feed  your cat green beans occasionally.

Weight Control for Cats

“Can cats eat green beans?” you ask. It is a resounding YES! Cats can not only eat green beans, but this veggie is actually very good for them.

One powerful benefit of eating green beans is that it helps weight-conscious people, and their pets. If you think your pet is a even just a bit overweight, or a full blown obese, you must be anxious to make sure she slims back down to a healthy weight.

The US Army Veterinary Services strongly suggests four or five green beans every now and then for our overweight cats to eat. That should considerably assist her back into a healthy waistline.

Green beans are known to have low calorie levels. USDA measures only 31 calories per cup in green beans. This means that you can stretch your feline’s meal without much increase in calories. A good hack to employ if you want less of that cat chubbiness.

Even if she’s not overweight, it is always good to make sure to control her calorie intake. We all don’t want to feed our cats what will ultimately be bad for them.

Improve Cats’ Eyesight

Green beans are rich in vitamin A, which is the go-to vitamin for eye health. According to USDA, each cup of green beans has 24 mcg of vitamin A.

We all know that eyesight is essential to what makes a cat a cat. Cats deeply rely on their eyes when hunting, whether light or dark. Feeding them a great source of vitamin A will surely come a long way.

Youth Maintenance for Cats

Seeing your pet’s bodily functions deteriorate due to age is  painful. As cats grow older, their kidneys are one of the first organs that wear out. Thankfully, a nutrient plentiful in green beans strengthens the kidneys: Potassium.

Brightwood Animal Hospital  conducted a research that concluded that potassium intake significantly prolongs kidney function because potassium deficiency depresses kidney function.

Another benefit of potassium for cats is the prevention of hypokalemia, which is associated with inactivity, depression, poor appetite, loss of haircoat radiance and mild anemia. All those illnesses can be avoided when your cat is fed green beans occasionally because green beans contain 130 mg of potassium per cup.

Bone Strength

According to MSD Manual, rickets is an illness common to growing, indoor animals who only have a meat diet. These animals suffer from calcium deficiency. Calcium deficiency, if not countered, may result in bone fragility. One of these animals could easily be your cat.

Each cup of green beans have 17 mg of calcium, which can go a long way to making sure you cat doesn’t suffer the effects of calcium deficiency: bone deformity, lameness in the hind legs, lethargy, incoordination in the muscles and having poor fur quality.

Cat Reflexes

Cat reflexes are known to be one of the best among mammals. But when cats suffer from magnesium deficiency, they experience unnatural muscle incoordination or twitching, severe pain, stunted growth, weakness, depression, irregular heartbeat, lameness and urinary tract stone development.

Eighteen milligrams of magnesium is present in every cup of green beans. If you are seeking to prevent the risk of magnesium deficiency in your cat, a few green beans every now and again should be enough.

Pure-Blooded Felines

Chlorophyll, which is present in most (if not all) of vegetables, is abundant in green beans. What are the benefits of chlorophyll for our furry friends?

Chlorophyll plays a part in making sure blood cells are well replenished. Not only that, it also certifies that the blood developed is of the best kind, the HEALTHY kind.

When chlorophyll intake is at optimum levels, you can be sure that your cat can remain healthier for longer. Chlorophyll helps make sure that sufficient oxygen is delivered to the entire body. Ergo, it makes sure that the entire body does not break down.

Other than the ones explained above, there are more nutrients present in green beans. Here are how much of these nutrients are present in a cup of green beans:

  • 1.2 mg of iron
  • 30 mg of phosphorus
  • 52.5 mcg of vitamin K
  • 32 mcg  of folate

Feed Your Cat Only What’s Necessary

It is not an uncommon human behavior to get excited and to use their newly-acquired knowledge excessively. That is a dangerous tendency.

We should only feed our cats what they need to be fed. Anything in excess is not good. We can actually cause our pets to suffer toxicity.

It is always to feed our cats green beans only as an occasional treat. It should only be a supplement. Cats are natural carnivores, they don’t need anything much besides meat. But just to make sure that they are receiving everything their bodies may need, it is only wise to give them extra healthy boosts in the form of nutritious fruits or vegetables.

Can Cats Eat Green Beans?

Yes! Cats can eat green beans. It is very beneficial for them when fed to them in small amounts occasionally.

When you think your cat’s diet has been quite unhealthy for some time, just drop a few chopped and rinsed green beans into her food bowl. She’s sure to be all the better for it.

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