Can cats eat raspberries?

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Maybe you have experienced sitting on your sofa with a bowl of your favorite raspberries then, your little intrigued cat starts to climb up and targeted your favorite raspberries. What did you do? I once experienced this, and in my shock my cat enjoyed it. As it blew my mind, I asked myself can cats eat raspberries? 

I went to observed my curious playful cat for some days if something will happen to him since he ate some of my raspberries. Well he turned out well and nothing happened to him.

It may sound kooky, but I didn’t get to move on from my question can cats eat raspberries? Not only because I am worried but, because if this fruit is helpful for my charming little cat, I would love to include it to his diet. 

So let’s try to know if raspberries are safe for our cats? Is it toxic and will it cause any harm to our cats?

Raspberries: Fit to be eaten by cats?

What does this red, luscious, juicy fruit have? How nutritious it is? Will my cat ever get this nutrient?

We are all skeptical at times to add some fruits and vegetables to our cat’s diet. Moreover, raspberries are completely safe and non-toxic for cats. 

Raspberries are a bush plant that grows up to 6ft. It has a scientific name Rubus ideaus. It came from the botanical family of blackberry and rose. 

Raspberries are delightful fruit that is also nutritious. Nutritious not only for you but also for your cute kitty. Raspberries came from the same family of berries. It is rich in antioxidants and a good source of mineral and vitamins such as vitamins C, K, and A. You may also find calcium, dietary fiber, manganese, and potassium. Raspberries are ultimately a superfood that is good for you and your cat. 

Benefits of Raspberries for your Cat

The luscious raspberries have a lot to offer for your beloved kitty. Aside from the fact that it is filled with nutrients this superfood is non-toxic and has a lot of benefits for your cat:

1. It can help hydrate your cat

Since it is luscious and juicy, this fruit can help your cat avoid dehydration. Raspberries can be served to your cat whether it is fresh or frozen. These may help to hydrate your cat during the summertime. 

2. It helps improve cognitive function and increase brainpower. 

3. Raspberries help fight obesity

If you’re watching the weight of your cat, raspberry is one of the good food that you can add to its diet. 

Having these benefits will surely make your cat a lot happier and fulfilled with her diet. Let’s never underestimate the meticulous appetite of our little purr friend. 

Amount of raspberries to feed to your cat

Reiterating that our cats are carnivores and will survive with meat. However, you can feed them occasionally with fruits and vegetables. 

Raspberries through a very healthy fruit you can feed to your cat when given in large amounts may cause harm to your adorable kitty. Therefore, making raspberries as part of your cat’s regular diet is not advisable. 

A couple of raspberries daily will not have bad effects on your cat’s health. You may not include the raspberries in each meal, but maybe you can use it as a reward for your playful kitty.

Bad side effects of Raspberries to your cat

Any food that comes in large amounts may cause negative side effects to the body of our cat. Same with raspberries, when this is given in large amounts or was feed very often, it may lead to some health issues. 

Your cat may suffer from the following if not properly feed with raspberries:

1. It can cause diarrhea.

2. Some weirdly smelly feces.

3. Upset stomach. 

4. Vomiting

5. Dehydration due to diarrhea. 

6. Worse, when a cat has eaten large portions of raspberries, it can be toxic to your little friend’s kidneys. 

It’s alright that we got excited about feeding our beloved cat, but we need to be careful about the amount of it. We should be giving a fair amount of food so that they’ll remain healthy and sound. 

When keeping raspberries in your counter, make sure to place it away from the reach of your cat. We all know that raspberries are red luscious, smell sweet and tempting fruit. If our cat can easily reach this food, therefore it can risk him/her from overeating this food which may cause some bad side effects. 

What to do when your cat’s health becomes upset by raspberries?

For the first try, kindly observed your cat if it’s responding well to raspberries. Check whether your cat will have a change of mood and began to feel differently after taking raspberries. 

Once you have confirmed that your cat felt sick with raspberries, better stop serving it to your lovely purr friend. In case your cat didn’t feel good in the next days that come, better consult your vet and seek medical attention to help your cat. 


We need to keep in mind that our cats are carnivores and will need meat in order to survive. We can give them fruits and vegetables occasionally to sustain other nutrients that they needed. Raspberries shouldn’t be used as an alternative food for your cat. Raspberries will not provide all the nutrients needed by our cat in order to grow healthy. In addition, consuming too many raspberries of cats may lead to some medical conditions. 

In case any medical condition happened to our little feline friend, kindly stop serving them raspberries. Observe them and if they didn’t feel well in some days, better heed to your vet and seek medical attention that may help your cat feel better. Being aware of these details can help you understand what to feed to your favorite friend of all time. 

Have you fed your cat some raspberries? Just to give an additional trivia, apart from the fresh and frozen raspberry, our cats will enjoy drinking raspberry yogurt and licks some raspberry ice cream. 

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