How To Keep Your House Clean With Multiple Dogs?

How To Keep Your House Clean With Multiple DogsHow To Keep Your House Clean With Multiple Dogs

Dogs are lively pets. They love to play and run around, bringing joy to everyone around them. As much as watching them prance around is satisfying, our pets’ activities leave behind a ton of mess which we have to clean up.

You can’t make your dog behave like an “adult,” and at the same time, you don’t want to spend all your free time cleaning up after him, which begs the question; how can one maintain a clean house with multiple dogs? Below is a list of a few ways to prevent mess, and tips and tricks to keeping your home tidy while letting your dogs run around freely.

Keep Your Multiple Dogs Clean

One of the most annoying messes that dogs leave behind is hair all over; on the couch, on the carpet, in the kitchen, etc. The best way to curb this is by ensuring that there’s less hair to leave behind in the first place. So if your dog is the hairy type, wash him regularly to keep his coat smelling fresh and trim his hairs to keep shedding at a minimum.

Always let your pet dry thoroughly in an enclosed area with a hard floor before allowing him back in the house to avoid the spread of “wet-dog” smell. Also, let a bit of time pass between each washing because over-bathing can strip the dog’s coat of its natural oils and cause dryness and irritation.

Also make sure your dog bedding are washed and properly maintained. Dog beds can create quite an odor or attract dust and other debris. Vacuuming and washing them will not only remove stain and dirt, but also odor and hair that was floating around. It’s a good idea to invest in an easy easy to clean dog bed to save time during your washing process.

Choose The Furniture With The Right Fabric

Just because you love sharing your favorite spot on the couch with your dog doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to cover all your furniture in plastic. Keeping your favorite furniture pieces in pristine condition may take a little extra effort, but if you choose a pet-friendly fabric, you won’t have to put a lot into maintenance.

One of the best furniture fabric choices for homes with multiple animals is leather. It is durable, doesn’t snag claws or catch fur, and it wipes clean with a damp cloth. Always choose genuine leather if you want to enjoy all its benefits. It may be more expensive, but you won’t have to replace it often.

Buy A Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair

Pet vacuum cleaners are smaller than regular household vacuums, so they can easily remove pet hair from those tight spaces that traditional vacuums cannot reach. They are light-weight enough for you to maneuver and carry around easily.

You can also get a robot vacuum cleaner to maintain regular un-manned cleaning if your dog sheds too much hair every day. Always remember to clean the vacuum filters regularly to avoid spreading bad odors and dirt.

Clean Your Dog After Every Walk

Sometimes, when you take your dog out for regular exercises, he runs around in the mud, and other garbage then tracks them back in the house, making a big mess. You can make it a habit to clean your pet’s paws and brush other dirt from its hair before allowing him to get in.

Make your pet stand on a rubber mat, remove debris from its paws by hand, and then wipe them down using pet wipes. Wipe around his mouth and face working your way towards the back. If your dog is wet, spray him with a mixture of water and vinegar to remove the wet-dog smell while wiping down any stained spots on his coat.

Do Your Pet’s Laundry Regularly

Anytime your dog sleeps on his bed, mat or blanket, he transfers his scent and some furs on to it. Washing and properly drying these items will keep your home clean and smelling fresh at all times.

Also, consider getting your pet a dog-bed that is easy to clean as dog beds tend to hold more dirt and smell because your pooches spend a lot of time on them.

Use Available Products To Manage Odours

Sometimes the odor your pet leaves behind makes the environment too uncomfortable to endure, which means that they require fast relief. If the dog leaves a small smelly patch on your furniture, you can spray the area with a bit of vodka to get rid of the smell quickly. Baking soda works well for floors and carpets because you can vacuum it up.

Take Care Of Messes Immediately

If your pooch tracks mud or goes potty inside the house, your first action should be to clean the area immediately. Letting messes sit will make your home dirty, and the bad smell will surely make it uncomfortable to stay inside.

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