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Cats In PainCats In Pain

When pets are suffering from any type of discomfort, it is sometimes hard to tell, unless you see them showing signs such as limping or laying around the house more than normal or even howling more than the usual night. Whether it is your dog or your cat, the difference between them is a dog will show pain, but a can’t will not. Cats are predatory animals, and as such like to hide their pain so they don’t seem weak.

How To Check If Cat in Pain?

  • The first obvious thing is that if your cat has always been playful, but has recently taken to its bed or couch, and seems less active.
  • If you are wondering what tell-tale signs to look out for.
  • If he or she is in pain they would typically have the following behavior.
  • When they are in pain, they will be aggressive to the owner or other people.
  • You will find them scratching, hissing, biting things often.
  • They will not make any noise and tend to be in hiding most of the time, either under a bed or piece of furniture.
  • Look at their eyes, do they seem different to you? Perhaps partially closed as they can’t keep their eyes open due to pain affecting them.

In the case where the pain is acute or worsening, you will find slightly different types of symptoms or behavior from your feline, click to find out more. For instance, it’s breathing patterns will have become faster, they would be panting more. The movement will be restricted or slower than normal.

Before when they used to jump on things and climb up your pants, they will not be doing this anymore and will have trouble reaching for items or paying with their toys. This is an indication that something may not be right with their chest or abdominal muscles. If you feel their heart rate and it feels faster, this could also be an indication of something going on internally.  

When you feed your cat and have noticed that they have not had much of an appetite for a few days now, or they have completely stopped eating or even drinking water. Look into this immediately by taking it to the veterinary.

What to Do About It

Seeing one or more of the above signs may be a clear indication that either your cat is in pain or something else is going on with its internals. Observing your cat frequently, in fact observing any of your pets frequently may be the best thing you could do for you, and then if you see that anything is ‘out of place’ or not as per the norm, take it to the vet, don’t wait. Even if it is a false alarm, better be safe.

In the event, your feline is suffering from pain and you cannot take it to the vet immediately, do not give it pain medication meant for humans. There are safer alternatives you can opt for such as in this source and NSAIDs such as Aspirin, Aleve, Tylenol or Advil are not meant for animals (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) they are dangerous for them because they metabolize them completely differently.

Confirm with Your Vet

There may be some that are okay to give your cat but you need to confirm this with your vet. Any other types will cause severe vomiting, pale gums, fatigue, and swelling or give them more pain in their abdomen regions.

What you can give your pet for the interim as an immediate remedy are corticosteroids, which are medicines such as prednisone or cortisone. They are effective because they treat both pain and inflammation together. The important thing to remember is not to give it to your pet for too long, once or twice is enough. There are side-effects when given to it over long periods.

Vets can also give them opioids, which only they are licensed to use and only in cases of severe pain. If you opt for a more natural solution, we would recommend CBD, which has been known to treat pain and inflammation in humans, dogs, and now even cats. It is not addictive, it is non-toxic plus it does not directly affect your nerve receptors. Did we mention it’s not psychotic either? That’s the THC that responsible for that feeling.

CBD has been studied thoroughly to find that it may help with several conditions such as cancer, fibromyalgia back pain, IBS etcetera, in humans and the same has been done for animals because we both share the same endocannabinoid system (ECS). As recently as 2016 a study was done on lab rats that had arthritis and a CBD gel was applied to their joints 4 days in a row. The reduction in inflammation and overall pain with no side-effects was noted.

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