How to look after a Long Haired German Shepherd

Long Haired German Shepherd DogLong Haired German Shepherd Dog

The German shepherd is a very popular and loved breed of dogs. This fluffy dogs need a good amount of care. The Long haired German shepherd, similar to a short-haired German shepherd, grows to an average of fifty-five to sixty-five centimeters in height and about twenty-two to forty kilograms in weight. The dog fits perfectly in a medium-sized house.

Why Choose Long Haired German Shepherd?

The thing that makes the long haired German shepherd different from the short-haired one and makes the breeders favor this dog is its sleek and shiny fur. The dog lacks an undercoat, which makes the fur look more beautiful. The absence of an undercoat makes the long-haired German shepherd less adaptable to heavy rain, harsh and cold weather. The dog should not be let out in cold weather and should not be used as a herding or hunting dog.

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The long-haired German shepherd is very obedient and intelligent, and if proper training from a young age is provided, then they can turn out to have a very playful and calm temperament. With proper training, they learn to enjoy the company of the family members and become extremely loyal. The long-haired German shepherd is an ideal choice for a house dog.

The dogs can learn from trainer’s everyday if proper care is provided.

Long Haired German Shepherd Needs Space

A proper room for the long-haired German shepherd should be provided to grow. The dog should have space of its own. The dog should have its bed to sleep and its bowl for food. The dog has high energy and can get very chaotic at times and places where you do not want it to, to avoid this, proper training should be provided. If you are not capable of providing the training, then you can also hire a professional.

The long-haired German shepherd is very energetic and should be taken for a long walk, and it should do a lot of other exercises. The dog also likes to chew a lot, so chewing toys should be provided. To maintain the energy of the dog, you can use various toy dogs to play with it. The dog should be taken to the places where it can play with fellow dogs.

More Effort In Grooming

The long-haired German shepherd needs a little bit more grooming than a short-haired german shepherd because of its hair. The dog sheds a lot of its long hair. A lot of the hair is shed while brushing. The hair needs to be brushed properly at regular intervals to avoid overheating and irritation. The dog’s hair can easily become dirty and ungroomed if proper care is not given.

The dog should be given a proper bath at regular intervals with proper dog products that help in maintaining the good quality of the hair. The teeth of the dogs should be regularly cleaned. The space of the dog also needs proper cleaning, and the hair the dog sheds needs to be removed. It is important to trim the nails of the dog.

For the proper growth of the dog, the dog should be provided with food that contains all the nutrients that the body of the dog needs. The food should also have the benefits of protecting the shine of the fur. The correct quantity of food should be provided. Someone should always be present to provide the food to the dog.

It is important to get the long-haired German shepherd properly vaccinated from the age of eight to ten weeks. If things look too serious, then a wet or a professional should be considered. The long-haired German shepherd can be sent to a preschool for dogs for proper training.