What States Allow Hunting with Dogs?

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Although trail cameras are now used in hunting and capturing wildlife, for decades, in hunting cougars, bears, and dear, the use of dogs was a deep-rooted tradition. Without dogs, the success of hunters was severely limited. 

The use of dogs was an excellent way for hunters to track animals. But eventually, some anti-hunting advocates and other parties did not agree with these practices and sought to change the way things were done.

Now, factors such as outrage among other components in the use of dogs in hunting made a slight change in how it would affect dogs and their role in hunting. Different parties repeatedly attempted to outlaw this activity. 

The anti-hunting advocates complained about the repeated reports of trespassing by hunters, damage to crops, to their private properties, and their livestock. They also complained about the cruelty of the dogs on various animals. 

This raised the issue of using dogs in hunting. With time and continuous efforts of anti-hunting advocates, many states forbade their hunters from hunting with dogs. But there are still some states that allow hunting with dogs. 

States Allowing Hunting with Dogs

Below, we have mentioned different states and an overview of dog-hunting regulations within them.


In Alabama, of the 67 counties, 35 have completely or partially banned hunting with dogs. Now, the counties that have allowed deer hunting with dogs, five have established laws and regulations to govern hunting with dogs. 


Throughout the state of Florida, hunting with dogs was allowed. But in the last few decades, because of anti-hunting advocates and their complaints, even the Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) had to bend and made some mandatory registration rules for deer hunting with dogs. Now, hunters first have to take registration permits before they can hunt with the dogs. 


In the year 2003, a new law constrained three fundamental provisions for hunting with dogs:

  1. The landowners who want to do hunting with dogs on their own property are required to take registration permits from the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division. 
  2. The property of the landowner who wants to hunt with dogs must consist of at least 250 acres (according to new changes).
  3. Dogs and vehicles must also have a permit number before they can be used in the deer hunting on a permitted property. 


The state of Louisiana has divided the state into eight zones for the purpose of deer hunting.  Out of 8, five zones are allowed to use dogs in hunting deers. But this must be done in the seasons that don’t coincide with still-hunting for deer. In the three zones of the state, hunting with dogs is not permitted. 

North Carolina

All the eastern area of North Carolina allows hunting with dogs and the rest of the state does not permit any sort of hunting with dogs. 

South Carolina

Out of all the states, South Carolina, arguably has the most permissive regulations regarding hunting with dogs. 

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) has divided South Carolina into six different zones. Out of 6 zones, in the two zones, hunting with dogs is not permitted. The remaining zones have permission to hunt with dogs but with certain rules and regulations. 


The state of Virginia only allows deer hunting with dogs and that, too, is only permitted in the Central Piedmont and Tidewater counties east of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

All in all, most hunters now use trail cameras for hunting as hunting with dogs creates too much hassle for them.