Benefits and dangers of running trails with your dogs

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Running trails with your dog comes with a lot of benefits. When you’re about to go running with your dog, you should make sure you go prepared. The same way you prepare yourself when you’re about to go on a trail is the way you should prepare your dog.
Due to a lot of reasons, the benefits that come with running trails with your dog is the same as the dangers. When you’re going on a trail, you’d naturally avoid some things, and that’s how you should ensure your dog avoids certain things.

Although running trails with your dog can come with its dangers, it also comes with some benefits, the main one being:

Weight loss

When you’re running trails with your dog, you tend to lose a lot of weight and keep fit. Running trails with your dog is especially fun if you’ve been trying to lose weight. Running helps with weight loss, and it’s the perfect activity to do with your dog. The best part is that your dog will also be getting fit with you. As you’re getting fit and stronger, so is your dog. If you can’t get too far on the trail when you’re just starting it, you’ll get farther eventually. When your dog is fit, the possibility of them getting sick from heart diseases reduces. You and your dog will have bonding time and lose weight; it’s a win for both of you.

Some of the possible dangers of running trails with your dog include:

Getting Lost

When you’re running on a trail with your dog, there’s the possibility of your dog getting lost. If you don’t use a firm harness on your dog, they could runoff. When your dog runs off, it will be very hard to find them. How easy it will be to find your dog depends on how clustered the trees around the trail are. If it’s a very dense forest, your dog will most likely not know how to get back to you and get lost. You may not find your dog once they get lost sadly. To save your dog from getting lost, make sure you use a harness with a good grip.


This seems a bit extreme, but it’s actually possible. There are certain places in trails that are marked as no go zones due to predators and cliffs. If you let your dog wander free while you’re running trails, they could encounter a mountain lion and get killed. You should make sure you read every sign so you and your dog can steer clear of dangerous areas. Also, you should make sure you’re always at the front of your dog so you can see any cliff or dangerous holes ahead. If your dog falls from a cliff or into a deep hole, it could possibly lead to death. 

You can’t be too careful when you’re running trails with your dog. When you are running trails with your dog, you should be aware of the dangers so you’ll know what to avoid.  Running a trail with your dog is something every dog owner should definitely try.