How to Crate Train a Yorkie?

Tammy Gann ZefMQ1pIMfY UnsplashTammy Gann ZefMQ1pIMfY Unsplash

A Yorkshire Terrier puppy is a full package of strength, courage, and freedom. Although he is tiny, he is full of energy and not less than a big adult dog. 

It is best to know how to crate train a Yorkshire Terrier as a tiny puppy full of energy and mischievousness. Though it is a process that one must handle with care and patience, it can prove beneficial in a number of ways.

If your cute looking Yorkie is not crate trained, he could tear up your books, papers, office documents, or whatever he finds when you are not around. Crate training will not only let him have a place where he is confined, safe, and secure but will also let him rest comfortably whenever he wants. 

Steps and Methods to Crate Train Yorkshire

Step 1: Buy the Best Crate for your Yorkshire

Google or ask a friend to find out where you can find the best dog crates for Yorkies. Let your Yorkie have a crate that allows him to stand and walk freely inside it. 

Step 2: Place it in Common Area

Place the dog crate in a common area in your home where most of the family members are. To attract him, place a blanket or dog bed, toys, and treats inside the crate so that he will feel super comfortable in it. These incentives will attract the tiny Yorkshire to go into the crate and stay inside. 

Method 1: Short Intervals Method

Crate train him with short intervals, taking your Yorkie out of the crate every 45 minutes to one hour for different reasons. Get him accustomed to the same door to the same location outside. This routine will engage your Yorkshire puppy’s instincts and train your Yorkie to understand how to go back and forth in a crate. 

Encourage him with treats and love every time he follows the procedure correctly. Yorkshire Terrier animals, no doubt, love being kissed and praised. 

With time and patience, begin to let your Yorkie outside of his crate for playtime. Practice with him until he gets used to it. 

Method 2: Open Door Method

Purchase the best dog crates for Yorkies with 18” to 22” size and a comfortable door. Again place the dog bed, toys, and treats inside the crate, so that he likes to sit inside that crate patiently. The key to this method is an open door. 

Until your Yorkie gets comfortable with the crate, always leave the door open. Introduce him to the crate, place different treats for him inside the crate, and encourage him to stay patiently inside there. 

Occasionally, talk to him.

When you feel like he has gotten comfortable with the crate, stand up and leave for a short time while leaving the door open. 

Come back after a short time. 

Sit and talk to him again. 

This will engage your Yorkshire Terrier’s instincts and train your Yorkie to understand how to wait patiently for you in the dog crate.