How to Deal with Unleashed Dogs while Running?

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How to Deal with Unleashed Dogs while Running?

Most of us face a situation when we see a dog who is, at best, overly enthusiastic, and in worse case scenario, aggressive and malicious. Sometimes the dogs are with their owner and sometimes you have to face them alone. Even in the presence of an owner, a dog can get over-enthusiastic or aggressive and the situation can turn alarming. 

Even if you are an Olympic elite athlete or any regular runner, the injury from a dog bite can cause you serious problems.

While protein powder for runners can help you to improve your recovery and provide you with the necessary strength and endurance for running, it is essential to realize that you may encounter dangerous situations and should have some knowledge of how to diffuse the situation.

Without further ado, here a couple of ways that you can minimize the threat.

Take it Seriously

Each year in the U.S:

  • 4.7 million people get bitten by the dogs and end up in the emergency room. 
  • Out of those, about 17 people result in death according to the American Humane Association.
  • Roughly around 55% of all fatal dog attacks occur due to aggressive pit bulls.

All these data points are enough to show how serious the situation can turn with an aggressive dog. Therefore, be prepared and learn how to deal with unleashed dogs while running. 

Of course, you can start boosting your stamina with the best protein powder for runners, but this is just the start of the process, you must make sure to do so much more. As you never know when you have to run for your life. 

Tips To Deal with Unleashed Dogs while Running

Stop Running and Take Control

When faced with unleashed dogs while running, first, stop running, then use a deep, firm voice to convey a sense of calm. Shout common commanding words used for dogs. For instance words like:

  • Stop
  • Get Down
  • No 
  • Bad Dog
  • Stop There

The key to this tip is to put on your best stern voice. With a firm look, fold your arms across your body and stand still to show her your calmness. Most dogs lose interest when people do not get engaged with their chase. 

Slowly Move Away

When you feel like the dog has calmed down, slowly get away without making any sudden movements or making her startled. Make sure you avoid turning your back to an enthusiastic or aggressive dog. 

Throw Something to Chew 

If you were prepared and already have something in your pocket to throw at them to chew on then you planned properly. This can help you distract them as you and slip away from their sight. 

Giving them something to chew is better than them tearing up your own flesh. Always carry something that can come between the dog’s teeth and your flesh. 

Tips For The Worst Scenario

Spray the Dog

If the situation gets worse and you think no other tip or technique is going to work, then spraying an attacking dog with a mace, can help you stop the attack. The spray does not really hurt the dog. There are different dog repellents available on the market that can help you in the worst scenarios. 

Defend yourself

If, for whatever reason, the above-mentioned tips do not work and the dog is about to attack you, then it’s time you defend yourself by any means necessary. 

We highly hope that no one ever has to harm a dog, but if they have to, then their safety is one the priority.