How to Train a Boxer Dog not to Jump

Jordan Davis JSfsK9VH4q8 Unsplash (1)Jordan Davis JSfsK9VH4q8 Unsplash (1)

Boxer dogs love to jump and get very excited when their owner or other people come near them. It is part of their general characteristics, they jump upon you to show how happy they are to see you around. 

These agile dogs get great satisfaction by jumping up to greet people, and get super excited and jump while playing as well. This behavior is loved by everyone when they are cute, tiny puppies. 

However, the problem arises when they become a big adult with sharp claws. As they grow older, people tend to not appreciate their jumping behavior. 

On average, Boxers grow  to weigh over 70 to 80 pounds with pure muscles. The cuteness of their jumping turns into a huge annoyance. It can even be scary for those that have an aversion to dogs.

As such, you must come up with a solution before your cute boxer puppy drives all your friends and relatives away. 

Methods To Train Your Boxer Dog Not To Jump

While you might not be able to change the natural characteristics of a Boxer dog, training and supervised activity can keep your Boxer behaving in a more restrained manner. Treating him with the best dog food for boxers when he listens to you will help all the methods present below.

Method 1: Intervene

Make your boxer puppy sit properly before he jumps on you. 

Intervene in his habit of jumping; when you see him running at you for a big jump, quickly say, “Sit!” or “Stop!”. This way your boxer will not be able to jump when his rear is on the floor. To intervene in his jumping habit, command him to stop, and then do not pet his head unless he is sitting. Ask your family members to intervene in his bad habit of jumping on people. Make this a rule for everyone to follow, this will speed up the training. 

Method 2: Command 

The key to this method is to choose commanding words to stop your boxer dog from his jumping habit. 

Use words like: 

  • Hey! 
  • No Jumping
  • Uh-Uh 
  • Bad Boxer
  • Sit

Decide the words you will use as a command and stick to it. This consistency will engage your boxer’s instinct to learn to stop jumping on that command.  

Remember to  always use the same commanding words whenever you want a boxer dog not to jump and sit. 

Method 3: Ignore Him

Ignore your boxer when he tries to jump on you or your guests. For instance, when you come home and your boxer jumps to greet you, command him to stop and turn around while folding your arms. Then ignore him and turn your back to show your anger or apathy.

This will help you mark his bad behavior of jumping. 

The boxer’s instincts will help him understand that you did not like his jumping habit. And when he does not jump to greet you, reward him with the best dog food for boxers and also compliment him by saying “Good Boy” or “Good Dog”. 

With all these tactics in use, your boxer will soon learn that not jumping on people gets him rewards and praises.