How to Train a Husky Puppy Not to Bite

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A Husky puppy has a majestic wolf-like appearance. These breeds usually have expressive eyes and a royal looking coat. 

Of course, he is also a very muscular, powerful, and energetic dog as well. That is the reason why almost everyone loves and admires huskies so much. However, their beauty can easily mislead you. 

Huskies do not only have a striking wolf-like appearance, but they are stubborn, independent, and highly intelligent. Huskies can be too stubborn to listen and the hardest dog to breed and to train.

Although a Husky puppy is affectionate towards most people, you should not forget about their habit of biting. And if you do, it can lead to a number of behavioral problems in the future. In this simple guide, we will let you know some basic methods to train a husky puppy not to bite.

Methods to Train Huskies to Stop Biting

It is a common myth in husky puppy development that you can stop your husky from biting altogether. You can only teach or train the pup on what he can bite and what he cannot bite. All the methods present below are basic strategies to train your husky puppy biting habit. 

Method 1: Use Commanding Words

For this method to work, you have to choose a commanding word to stop your Husky puppy from biting. 

Use words like: 

  • Hey! 
  • No Bite
  • Uh-Uh 
  • Bad Puppy
  • Stop

Choose a command and stick to it. If you use the same command every time, that will engage your puppy’s instinct to learn to stop biting on that command.  

Therefore, always use the same commanding words whenever you want your Husky not to bite.

Method 2: Withdraw Attention

As we all know, puppies never bite out of malice, they are just over excited and want your attention. They love playing games with you and want your attention. This desire can be a vital key in husky puppy development. 

If your Husky puppy does not back down from biting, then stand up and give him a sharp “No” command. This will help you mark his bad behavior of biting and stop playing with him. The puppy instincts will help him understand why the game stopped. 

Stop playing with your dog and start ignoring your Husky puppy. Sure, you don’t want to do this but it is necessary.

Fold your arms and turn your back to show your anger. Wait for your Husky puppy to calm down and understand your behavior. 

When he stops biting, start playing with him again. Practice this method until he stops biting.

Method 3: Involve Your Family 

Another way to train your dog to stop biting is by involving your family members. If everyone reacts the same way when he bites them, then he will understand what it is all about. it will engage his instincts and train him not to bite. 

Yes, this method is time consuming among other husky puppy development methods. Your puppy takes time to get what you want from them since biting is normal for them. Therefore, be consistent, patient, and Husky-proof.

Now, you know what to do with your Husky puppy’s biting habit and how to train him to stop biting. 

Good luck!