How to wrap a cat scratching post

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Cats need scratching posts for several reasons. Cats always scratch because it helps them remove dirt in their claws. A scratching post can even be a territory marker for your cat as they scratch to mark their territories. The size of your cat doesn’t matter as there are even scratching posts for large cats. After buying a scratching post, you’ll need to wrap it by yourself. Wrapping a scratching post can be tough if you don’t know how to do it. At this point, you’re most likely tired of your cat scratching you, your furniture and other things. Continue reading this article to learn how to wrap a cat scratching post.

Gather the supplies 

There are supplies you will need to have before your wrap your cat’s scratching post. You will need to have a sisal rope. A sisal rope is what you will be using to wrap your cat scratching post. Sisal ropes are your best bet because they are very strong and durable. You will also need to get toxic-free glue because that’s what you’ll be using to glue the sisal rope to the scratching post. It is important you get toxic-free glue, so it doesn’t poison your cat. You will need to get scissors and tape too. Once you have all the required supplies, you can move on to the next step. 

Apply glue up and down the bare post, and wrap sisal rope

Since you already have the glue and sisal rope, it’s time to start glueing the sisal rope to the post. Apply the toxic free glue to the part of the scratching post you want to glue sisal rope to. After applying the toxic free glue, stick the sisal rope and cut off the excess with your scissors. You should make sure you cover every exposed part of the scratching post with sisal rope. You should also make sure there you leave no part of the scratching post exposed.

Use tape to secure the rope while the glue dries

The sisal rope will not be secured until the glue dries. If you want your sisal rape to be very secured to the scratching post, use tape to secure it. Get strong tape that will be able to hold your sisal rope and won’t be easily scratched off. You should make sure the tape stays on the sisal rope till the toxic glue dries. Keep in mind, use toxic-free glue that won’t harm your cat.

Wrapping a scratching post is easy as long as you know what to do. Cats have a natural urge to scratch, and a scratching post will provide that outlet. Get quality sisal rope that won’t get worn out fast. You should also make sure you have the right materials before you start wrapping the scratching post. Your cat’s scratching post can be in the corner of your house; it doesn’t take up much space.  Scratching posts are significant because they will reduce the urge to scratch in your cat. Get a scratching post now, and your furniture will thank you.