Rebecca Steward

The Ultimate Guide To Mini Australian Shepherds

The Ultimate Guide to Mini Australian Shepherds (Mini Aussies)

Considering keeping Mini Australian Shepherds as your pet? Intrigued by its demeanour and size? These lovable dogs certainly make good family pets. Not only that, this breed of dog appeals to trainers too. The mini Australian shepherd is a highly...

Can Cats Eat Green Beans

Can Cats Eat Green Beans? 

As a cat owner you might be thinking, “What  can I feed my cat that will be truly beneficial? Can I feed her vegetables? If so, what? What vegetables are good for my cat that are affordable, efficient and healthy?...

Can Cats Eat Raspberry Jam

Can cats eat raspberries?

Maybe you have experienced sitting on your sofa with a bowl of your favorite raspberries then, your little intrigued cat starts to climb up and targeted your favorite raspberries. What did you do? I once experienced this, and in my...

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